"Mature" Magazines



For women over forty who thought it was too late to be a Centrefold. There is a huge amount of work for what is referred to as "Mature Age" models. This work is fairly well paid. There are numerous magazines who are after female models over the age of forty. There are also many web-sites after the same pictorial content. Adult web sites are after all types of content from people 18 to 80. No matter what your fantasy the web provides it. 'Over 40' magazines seem to cater for young males (and, maybe, some not so young) who are "In Praise of Older Women". Size and shape are rarely a consideration. This is one occasion where you do not need to be a 'Size 10'. This is not hardcore but identicle to conventional centrefold work. We have so many magzines and web-sites asking for this pictorial material that we are specifically looking for models in this age range. Normally we will take some test shots and submit these via email. As soon as the Art Director approves the model we send a CD/DVD of all necessary images and arrange model releases and identification verfication. Stage names can be used. It is rare for disapprovals. These are all overseas magazines that may arrive in this country a couple of years later and are usually sold in a full discreet plastic wrapper.


The pictorial below shows a couple of pages from "Over 40" magazine. They contain pictures from a pictorial we did of a lady called Trish who had never modelled before. Trish was 61 years old when photographed. She was happy to appear in magazines but reluctant to appear on web sites so we have disguised her face. We supplied all the clothes, jewelry, four-poster bed, etc.We normally submit over a hundred images and the magazines usually use around ten.


Below are some images from our latest submission to the same magazine (which has been accepted). It shows semi-professional model Lara James. Always on the lookout for props and locations we found an elaborate horse-drawn carriage. It had actually been built for an Indian Maharajah. We would preferred a couple of white horses with the carriage and have taken the photos outside the Arts Centre or Parliament but that would have got us arrested. So we settled for a secluded area surrouded by gum trees.



If you have any interest in being a model we can give you a complete demonstration of what is involved. We can show you many magazines and show you complete sets we have photographed and go over payment details and how you can make a lot more money from regular modelling assignments.