Model Folios are different to Actor Folios. We describe Model folios in depth below. Actor folios include some of the same elements but need to additionally include more "character" images.

We produce many folios for models - both for new aspiring models and for experienced models - male and female.

Many models who have a folio done do not do themselves any justice. Having a proof sheet of a roll of film showing poses in jeans and T-shirt doesn't cut it.

If your intention is to be a glamour model and do swimwear, lingerie and or centrefold type pictorials then height is not as critical but the right figure is important. Also, you probably don't need to pay for a folio. Most magazines will need to see some appropiate photos of you and most photographers will photograph you and submit a few photos of you to see if the Art Director of the magazine is interested in using you. In this way, by collecting some of these photos, you gradually put a folio together. This brings up another matter - photos you submit to magazines, etc, must be relevant. There is no point in submitting glamour if you stricktly looking for fashion or bikini shots if you want to be a centrefold - you will only have the photos returned with a request for additional material. In a situation like this make sure the hair is done, the make-up is right, the photos do you justice and make you look glamourous and if you are wearing much more than a smile then you are overdressed.

If your ambition is to be a fashion and/or catwalk model then height is an issue. As one owner of a modelling agency once put it to me "The difference between a beautiful girl and a model - is a model is tall". Unless you're almost tall enough to play in the ruck in Aussie Rules then forget it.

The best way to know what a model needs in her folio is to look at magazines such as 'Vogue', 'Marie Claire', 'Cleo' and 'Cosmo' and look at the full page ads. This is bread and butter work for photographic models. While some of these advertising campaigns are mega-dollar affairs which is going to be beyond your budget, it gives you an example of the looks and ability required of you.

If you have Cable TV then take a look at the 'Fashion TV' channel or find them on You Tube. In particular the 'Models', 'Photographers' and 'Midnight Hot' segments. You can learn a lot about what is expected from you. We have a lot of this on video and dvd and we go over these with potential clients. We try to accomplish similar quality in our folios of models. Lots of these can now bw found on YouTube.

Try not to submit anyone photos that look like they belong in 'Black & White Magazine' or similar arty publications. These are great publications but demonstrate how good the photographer is - not how good the model is. Fancy fish-eye lens photos of models does nothing for the model.

Within a realistic budget, you need changes of clothes, hair styles and make-up. Very different looks. You need something formal, something casual, swimwear, lingerie, studio, location, colour and black & white, on your own and with an other model. This is what we produce in our model folios. We work with and for the model to achieve the ideal result - you are our client just the same as an advertising agency or magazine would be. You also should include a photo(s) with another model, male and/or female, to show how you can react with others.

One of the advantages of the digital revolution is that film, film processing and proofing costs no longer exist. While it may involve more computer time for the studio it is possible to shoot much more material and give back to the model a CD or DVD of many excellent images. The best of these can be enlarged by the studio or simply taking the CD to a digital photo shop and getting inexpensive A4 size enlargements. This is our recommendation. We have few examples of our work here as, while the images are meant to to be seen to promote the model, they are not really meant to be exposed on a web-site. We always ask permission before using anyone's photos.

It is essential that models consider getting a video done as part of their marketing. A video shows that you not only 'look pretty' but can actually model/act and can correctly walk down a catwalk/runway. We now do video and have associates who excell at this art. We no longer supply VCR cassettes but CDs and DVDs complete with chapter navigation if needed. Putting these on YouTube is an ideal way to show youself.

We can organize hair & makeup and have half-day and full-day competitive rates. We also try to find new models suitable work and inform them of agencies they should join.

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Film (Pre-Digital)
Model travelled from Queensland to work with me. I arranged some paid photo modeling work. These photos are partly model folio and partly for magazine submission. Fashion TV was interested in the video of the photo shoot. She has appeared in many Australian TV shows and commercials.  
Several potential models modelling for a potential catalogue.
Beach fashion shoot for a male and female model.  
Male model folio.
Fashion model folio photographed on location at a castle. She had the height and slim build of a catwalk model and these images were to look like a fashion assignment.  
Young female folio.

This model was photographed for FHM's Girl-Next-Door competition and made the finals. She was also published in ZOO Weekly. On the basis of these photos she received a return-paid airfare to Sydney where she appeared on RALPH TV. These photos were part of her folio. A video of the shoot was also produced.


This model comes from the West Indies. She needed these photos for a specific submission to a top model agency. All the clothing, jewelery and props are ours.

This model was photographed for FHM's Girl-Next-Door competition. These photos were part of her folio. There was also a video of the shoot.      
Actress and model. Agency photographs that looked like an adsvertising shoot as well as glamour portraiture and boudoir including Bridal lingerie. Greenscreen also used.      
Model needed an enhancement to the folio she already had. Photo session looked like a fashion assignment. Includes use of Greenscreen.      
Beach photo session to add to a model's folio.      

Eva is our very own Pamela Anderson look-a-like. With an original Baywatch swimsuit. Has even stayed at the Playboy mansion. These two sets were to enhance her folio.

One at a beach and another at Brighton beach with considerable help from the Brighton Life Savers.

A "mature" model/actress that wanted to enhance her folio.      

These vintage aircraft are in working order.

They were used, along with the bikes, for this two-model folio shoot.

Model folio session with makeover, settings and poses.      
Male actor/model.      
Initial folio session for a young model.      

This is just a part of what was a huge shoot. Part model folio, part magazines (published), part advertising and part Valentines photobook for her husband.

The model was 49 years old. Just sensational to work with. The carriage was built for a maharajah in India and been usd in films and commercials.


Dudoir - for a Male that needed an update to his folio.

An aspiring male model. Photographed his sister many years ago. She has gone onto a successful career. She asked me to photograph her younger brother.