Whether it be for assignments we are working on such as Calendars, Catalogues or Advertisements we are always looking for models. Many times Advertising Agencies or Clients will dictate who we are to use. Many times we can propose a model for Client approval. Models are encouraged to register with us.

In particular, we are always looking for models for 'Glamour' magazines and Adult Websites. This is not hardcore but soft. There is a great deal of well-paid work available.

As long as models are of legal age, age is rarely a consideration. Neither, is being a size 10. If you have not already viewed pages with examples of our work then please do so. You will see pictorials we have photographed for many magazines. From 18 to 60 there are many magazines and web-sites who ask for our work and that we regularly contribute to. Payment for this work ranges from $250 to $3,000.

Apart from this work there are a number of sessions where we work with serious amateur phtographers and teach them aspects of studio photography. These sessions are usually around two hours and, in addition to receiving some copies of her modelling, the model is paid $150 for Nude and $100 for Topless. These prices reflect Camera Club rates and there are usually about four photographers. Not all photos are nude or topless; we start off in something casual and then try swimwear/lingerie before the artistic nudes begin. The nude work is more characteristic of "Black & White" magazine than Centrefold type work.

These sessions have been so successful that in the future we intend to organize large scale model shoots using several models for large numbers of photographers in exotic locations similar to what already occurs in other parts of the world. These will be day-long or all week-end sessions that will be very lucrative to models.

There is no hard-sell to potential models. In relality, we can spend hours demonstrating and explaining the work available. For a confidential meeting please contact us using the details found on the "About Us" page or simply use the Button below to send us an Email.