What To Expect From A Photo Mode Photographic Booking.


There are many fine portrait photographers and photographic studios. Most of us chase the same market so what sets one apart from the another. At Photo Mode we believe you get "more bang for your buck"

All studios give clients hair styling and a makeover to create a different glamourous look. Sometimes this look remains fundementally the same with only the backgrounds and lighting changing. Perhaps 12 to 20 superb photos are taken and you get to chose probably one as a large framed wall enlargement and maybe a couple of other smaller enlargements.

At Photo Mode we have a different approach and attitude. It comes from our commercial and magazine, past and continuing, experience which we are willing to let all our clients experience.

We will shoot colour, black & white, studio, location, formal and fantasies and use whatever props are needed to achieve the results our clients want. We will spend as much time as it takes with as many look changes as is necessary within your time and budget limits. You will feel as if you are a model in a commercial or calendar assignment. This, we believe, is the Photo Mode advantage. And our clients truly appreciate it. With digital photography we can shoot a lot more.

We don't photograph anyone without a prior consultation where we show extensive samples of our work to help you decide and let us us know exactly how you wish to be photographed. We learn what you like - and what you dislike. We also discuss any ideas you may have. You are encouraged to bring in photos/magazines you have seen to give a better guide as to what you are really after.

We then give you a 'tick and flick' form/questionaire to complete (non-binding), to which you add additional comments so we know how to prepare for you should you decide to use us. Above all, there is no hard sell.

What should you do with the results of any such portrait photographic session?

If our clients have one problem with Photo Mode it is deciding what to chose among the great variety we shoot. It is easy to choose one great portrait from a dozen photographs. But that decision is genuinely more difficult from the results we present to you. Sure you can have framed portraits to place on your wall but you can also have albums, folios, calendars, cd/dvds, etc.

Our sugestion is that whatever you chose, if you don't get at least one framed enlargement to hang on your wall - for your living romm or bedroom - then you have failed to get the most important result of a portrait sitting. Unless, of course, if you were after a folio or calendar as your primary objective. Even then you should consider the mural print. This isn't a hard sell. Albums and folios are a great way to receive many photographs but, as fantastic as they might be, we know that after a while they tend to end up in a drawer out of sight. (On a coffee table would be a much better idea). A framed mural, say 16""x20" (40cms x 50cms) or slightly larger is a more tangible result. However the decision is yours and it is in providing all the other options that distinguishes Photo Mode from the rest.

Please read the "You Ought To Be In Pictures" section found on our Services Page for a detailed look at all the options you can get from a photographic sitting.