Sexy Football Gear Photos

Do something for yourself.

Beyound traditional portraiture with a touch of covergirl.

Just for you and maybe someone special.

It may be because we photographed the VFL Glamour Calendar and we have so many football related props and clothes that we are asked a lot to include in our shoots some photos of the lady in her partner's football team's colours. Below are a series of sets that show some examples of these photos. These are not all the photos that were taken during a session - only those related to football. We have most team's jumpers, scarves, beanies, jackets, satin shorts, footballs and other props such as temporary tattoes. We have found men love their women to do this.







Yes, even we even cater for umpires and their ladies. The whip and riding crop speak for themselves. We also photographed this lady's wedding and while she was dressing she asked everyone including her bridesmaids to leave her room and we took some great shots in her bridal lingerie (minus the whip!).