These ladies were after something very special. They wanted glamourous portraits but also some sexy boudoir photos in lingerie. Despite spending considerably time planning the session it was only towards the end of the shoot that we realized they were after something extra. Both had partners who were car mechanics and wanted some fun cheeky photos dressed up as mechanics. We contacted our local Ultratune workshop and got the OK to take them there for some pictures. They had lingerie on and we put them in used overalls. The mechanics organised a car on a hoist and gave us some tools as props. Our 'models' were really enjoying themselves and wanted to go even further and do some really sexy calendar type shots. So the lingerie came off beneath the overalls which were left unbuttoned. We found some sump oil and dipped some rags in it. We then 'greased up' their faces and bodies and took some topless photos. They were overjoyed at their model session and the results they got back - exactly what they were after. Their partners were very pleasantly surprised. This photo session is a typical example of the extra effort put in by Photo Mode. It comes from our commercial experience. Very few, if any, other studios would have gone to that trouble. You cannot take these type of shots in a shopping centre studio. You can understand why we have concealed their faces.