As Videographers we make pretty good Photographers.

Howver we have associates who have produced Rock Videos, Corporate Videos, Comedians appearing at Comedy Festivals and Commercials seen at Cinemas and on T.V. Their quality is excellent and we can demonstrate it. So if you want a video - anything from walking on a catwalk/runway to something more sensual to accompany a boudoir photographic session then we can accomodate you. We have some very good samples to show you.

We can give you DVD quality with excellent low-light capability to the best in latest High Definition Widescreen Digital. These are the people we use to video our glamour shoots some of which we submit to Fashion TV and glamour publications such as ZOO.

We are now able to provide the best 16:9 widescree high defintion video available. 1920 x 1080. (With almost the same special affects as "Lord of the Rings" - well, almost).