Personal Calendars are a fantastic item to have of yourself. There are many sizes design possibilities. All beautifully printed and bound. We have several on display within the studio. These sessions are not a one-hour sitting. They can take over half a day. You will feel as if you are a model shooting a TV commercial. We can create whatever look you like - some are fitness workout, boudoir or lifestyles - but many clients prefer to utilize our Green Screen facility and have a photo depicting the four seasons and/or special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, Easter, football season, racing carnivals, etc. May even want a body painting. Having a shoot like this and then receiving the result can be an exhilarating experience. To be enjoyed and never forgotten.

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Jodie, who lives in Perth, was visiting Melbourne, and came in to have her Calendar photographed by us. (On her birthday too and she says she'll never forget that birthday).
Joy is a model who travels and works internationally. She was holidaying in Melbourne and was told about our Calendars. She wanted one for herself that she could also produce and sell in her home country of Thailand. Just like on fashion TV she wanted a video of the shoot to promote herself and help sell the calendar. We printed a calendar for ourselves and gave her the images so she could print them back home.