Boudoir photography is not always well understood. Boudoir gets its name from the French word for bedroom. But boudoir shouldn't be and must not be just about photos in lingerie (or out of it) or lying on a bed.

Boudoir should be a style of Portraiture. It needs to showcase you as a woman. It should show you off as a warm, glamourous woman, empowered by her own sexiness and sensuality. Whatever you're wearing - a designer fashion outfit, lingerie, suspenders and stockings, fur coats - a boudoir photo session should be a glamourous portraiture session.

Boudoir differs from normal Glamour in that it is Personal and it is Private. Only to be viewed by you - and your partner, if you have one.

Our promise at Photo Mode is that we will give you the full celebrity model makeover treatment. We promise you will feel like you have participated as the star in a top-shelf glossy magazine, editorial or advertising, photo spread. Our factory/warehouse photo studio, with its settings, backgrounds, studio lighting, props, clothing and bling is specifically designed for this purpose. And when you leave, we promise you'll be walking on air.

We have a team that includes a female makeup artist and hair stylist, Nuna, who was trained in France by Georgio Armarni and Chanel, who will also help style your photo session. Olivia is our assistant. She has a degree in Graphic Arts and will look after you and also assist with styling, photography and video. Vincent is the owner and senior photographer.

Notwithstanding the excellent female photographers that are boudoir photographers, in Vincent, you have someone who photographed his first major glamour calendar in 1983 and has over 70 magazine covers, photo spreads, and advertising works published. He has been featured in magazines published both here in Australia and internationally. When looking at this glamour style of photography, he has had models published in FHM, ZOO and similar, so you are dealing with someone who knows how to photograph you, how to direct and pose you, and how to light you to make you look your absolute very best. You will learn a lot - the experience of a lifetime.

It's been said that "everyone should own a prestigious car once in their lifetime". Well, for a lot less, you can have the empowering photo shoot of a lifetime, with photos, majestic albums and wall art to cherish for a forever. Anytime you feel down, just look at your photos.

How it works.
Make a time to come in and see us. See the studio and get a feel for it.

We will go over every aspect of your photo session. We will discuss styles, which settings you prefer, what you need to bring, look at what we have that can supplement what you have. If you have seen photos you like bring them in (either printed or on a usb stick) and show us. We will show you many, many, photos to obtain an idea of what you like - and what you don't. There are some questionnaires we have and pages of thumbnails photos to help you decide and help us with planning.

You then book your date and time for your photo shoot.

At the end of your shoot, or at a later time, you will have your Reveal.

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