Being body painted in their favorite football team's colours is something we are asked for quite often. WE USE FEMALE ARTISTS. AFL is what we get asked for the most but we also do Soccer, Rugby, Cricket, Basketball, Netball, Baseball and Sofball. We have even been asked to do Umpires. We have only reproduced images below that we have been allowed to use. Your photos are PRIVATE. Generally, we will photograph you on our green screen and place your image onto an appropiate digital background. We know most designs but please inform us of what you want. Email us for Pricing and our Hints leaflet which explains how to prepare for a session. Bookings are essential as artists need to be available and we can only do a few every day.

A sensational surprise gift for your partner. To be body painted in their favourite team's colours. If they play the game then tell us their number and we can paint your back also. A real surprise for Valentines Day, Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries. Besides the painting bring in a scarf, real jumper or another prop and have some photos taken with those too.

The body painting (top only) takes around 45 minutes. You can have nipple covers if you wish. The photography only takes about 15 minutes. Then we give you back ALL images on Disk (or a USB stick if you bring one in). One image, selected by you, will have post-production done on it, a digital background added and you will receive an A3 size Poster. This is printed and given to you at the end of your session.


A series which shows the possibilities available. Starting with Green Screen and adding a variety of digital backgrounds. The same photo can be displayed in several ways.
Came in with her boyfriend and had some fun photos done before the painting started.
  Didn't use green screen here. We had the Tiger skin material and used that as a background. A series of photos individually and with her partner.
This person is a model and is actually one of our body painting artists.
Great way to celebrate a premiership.
These photograhs and the ones just below show the use of nipple covers - with and/or without is your decision.

Same photo - different background.

This person wanted something more interesting and asked for a crop top rather than the whole guernsey.
Sexy Football Gear Photos
  This page can also be found in our Portrait section. Besides the body painting we have clothing and props from our VFL Calendar shoot which we can also use in your photo session. These styles are done before any painting.
  A special promotion we ran for Valentines Day. Only $198 for Body Painting, photography and A3 size Poster.