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Shamelessly feminine. Shamelessly you. Empowering Women.

Boudoir is French for bedroom. Not just lingerie. The fastest growing genre for women who want to look and feel glamourous, sexy, seductive. It empowers women. We have been doing it since the 90s. A large extra part of our glamour portrait work.

Katie came in a couple of times - to do photos for herself and her husband. Some of her photos are also under our Glamour Portraiture page.


This was part of a folio bor both the Model and the Makeup Artist - and the model's "Little Black Book" for herself.
Naomi's Boudoir session and Magazine submission.

Plus-sized client who later came back with a female friend for another shoot.


This client's Boudoir session was aimed towards her "My Little Black Book".
Plus-size client's Boudoir session.