"From Uniquely Elegant to Outrageously Wild"


This is the work that has made our name. When Channel 7 reviewed all make-over studios in Melbourne for an upcoming episode of the "Dr. Feelgood Show" they chose Photo Mode as their preference. They particularly liked our Couples Intimate Photography. They asked one of our clients to appear on their show and discuss their experience.

On this page and linked pages you will find many samples of our work. Showing 'before' and 'after' shots is a gimick used by all studios. It is what else happens during the shoot - the sets, the styling and making each session similar to a calendar or advertising shoot that makes a Photo Mode session an experience. There are no 1-hour normal bookings at Photo Mode. We would not be doing our client the justice required. Maybe it's the experience of working on the "VFL's Football's Glamour Calenadar" but we treat all our sessions with same planning, effort and execution. Most of our clients leave exhilarated knowing what a professional shoot is all about.

Think about captions such as :

"We make every woman look like her dream"

"Is That Really Me?"

"You should be in Pictures"

Beacause that is our Unique Glamour, Boudoir and Makeover Photography.

Turning the everyday
Into something special.

Every girl wants to be a model! Whether you are 16 or 60 here is your opportunity - to look as beautiful, glamorous and sexy as those pin-ups and magazine covers. That is our promise to you.

So many of our Portrait sessions are also for folios that many of the photo sets below can be found under Model Folios and, in a few cases, in Magazine submissions as well.


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Film (Pre-Digital)
Contemporary portraits taken by Amna.  
Boudoir. Glamour Portrait and Boudoir photos.
This model comes from the West Indies. She needed these photos for a specific submission to a top model agency. All the clothing, jewelery and props are ours. This set also seen in out Model Folio section.  

Boudoir. Makeover photography with some bedroom pictures for a lady.

Actress and model. Agency photographs that looked like an adsvertising shoot as well as glamour portraiture and boudoir including Bridal lingerie. Greenscreen also used.  
Simply Elegant. Glamour Portraiture Plus.
Boudoir, glamour portrait sitting.  
Simply Elegant. Glamour Potraiture Plus.
An amateur actress who neded some additional photos.  
Simply Elegant. Glamour Portraiture Plus.
Simply Elegant. Glamour Portraiture Plus.
Simply Elegant. Glamour Portraiture Plus.
Simply Elegant. Glamour Portraiture Plus.
Simply Elegant. Glamour Portraiture Plus.
Glamour. A glamourous, folio-style, shoot. Some vintage style, pinup looks.
Tender Boudoir. Young pregnant girl who wanted some tasteful boudoir photos done.
Glamour Fitness. An entire series of glamour fitness workout photography.
Glamour. Glamour Boudir Portraiture.
Glamour. Glamour Portraiture.
Intimate Boudoir. Hot shots of a couple.
Mature Boudoir. Woman in Lingerie.
Sensual Boudoir. Hot lingerie photos.
sensual Boudoir. Simple lingerie photos.
Athletic Glamour. All australian Beach Girl Glamour.
Hot Glamour. Indoor at studio and outdoor at beach.
Hot Fitness. Exciting Fitness Boudoir.
Hot Boudoir. Exciting hot portraiture and boudoir.
Hot Glamour. On location, calendar type shoot.
Hot Boudoir. Exciting, sexy portraiture and fitness photos.
Romantic Boudoir. A couple in a sequence of boudoir photos telling a story.
Wild. A girl in some great shots with her boyfriend and his car.
A series of photos of various female clients photographed in their partner's football team colours.
A girl who wanted to have her boyfriend's football team's jumper bodypainted on her.
Extreme Glamour & Boudoir. Also included in our Glamour Fitness section. A couple, both into body building, had some very glamourous, intimate photos taken in a multitude of of settings.
Hot. Romantic naked beach shoot.
Very Hot. Hot sensual magazine-like3 glamour in a variety of settings.
Outrageously Wild. Two ladies have makeover photography, some boudoir photos and then do something special for their boyfriends.
Sensuously Hot. A young wife in and out of her wedding dress.
Sensuously Hot. Very hot romantic couple pose for the photos they really want.
Very Sensuously Hot. A young lady goes through the complete boudoir treatment.
Very Sensuously Hot. Romantic boudoir nudes.
Totally Hot. Lingerie and nude boudoir and spa photos.
Totally Wild. Nude Rambo magazine-style shoot.
Totally Wild. What do you do after New Eve's Eve? Head off to a nudist beach with friends and a saxaphone.
Outrageously Wild. male fantasy shoot.